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Tulum Studio, experts in accelerating eco luxury hotel brands

Pioneers in eco luxury boutique hotel marketing with over 20 years of international experience.

Who We Are

TULUM studio excels in understanding the eco luxury boutique hotel traveler. With over 20 years of global experience, we are a leader in eco luxury hotel marketing, leveraging exclusive data from DE CASTRO GROUP® and LUSH hotels to benchmark travel habits, preferences, behaviors, and trends precisely.

Our Unique Advantage

TULUM studio stands out as the sole marketing consulting agency in the Caribbean and Latam certified in sustainable hospitality. Our unique certification ensures we deliver exceptional, eco-friendly marketing solutions, setting us apart in the region’s competitive hospitality market. Choose TULUM for sustainable success.

Our Services

TULUM studio is a fully integrated eco luxury hotels marketing agency formed by a multidisciplinary team of senior marketing experts and hotel sustainability managers. We fuse passion, data, and creativity to accelerate your brand, avoiding greenwashing and maximizing your brand’s full potential.

Awards and Recognition

In 2022, TULUM studio was honored as the official marketing agency for LUSH, the prestigious international association of luxury sustainable boutique hotels. This recognition underscores our expertise and commitment to promoting eco-friendly, high-end hospitality brands globally. Choose us for unparalleled marketing excellence.

Bespoke projects for luxury hospitality brands in 4 continents

We strive to disrupt in the luxury hospitality arena through sustainable marketing strategies and an impactful communication that drives a positive impact. We are the leading strategic ecoluxury marketing advisory firm, specialized in hospitality sustainable luxury brands.

Sustainable Strategies

Implementing eco-friendly and sustainable marketing strategies to ensure your brand makes a positive impact.

Luxury Experience

Providing unmatched luxury experiences while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Accelerate your luxury brand and profits with marketing experts certified in hotel sustainability

Should You Work With Us? Definitely not, unless...

You wish to grow your brand working with a certified marketing agency specialized in eco luxury hospitality, and enjoying the extra benefits of becoming part of LUSH, the premium association of Luxury Sustainable Boutique Hotels.

We feel fortunate to have collaborated with some of the globe’s most esteemed luxury hotel brands and others on their way to achieving legendary status. Regardless of industry or business size, our clients have a common need—they seek assistance in unlocking their brand’s complete potential. Whether it’s partnering with startups or established brands, we thoroughly enjoy working closely with our clients. Our typical project offerings encompass a comprehensive list of services and key deliverables.

We have worked with the C-suite helping top hotel chains to grow in Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and the Caribbean.

De Castro senior team has worked at corporate level for hotel brands as SHANGRI-LA, BANUAN TREE, HYATT, MELIA, KARISMA, SIX SENSES,  among others

TULUM ecoluxury hotel marketing agency was chosen and awarded by LUSH, the premium international association of luxury sustainable boutique hotels and retreats.

Each project kicks off by establishing a brand’s positioning, and the most impactful creativity stems from a solid strategic foundation. Our strategic efforts encompass thorough brand audits, the development of compelling storytelling, audience segmentation, mapping brand opportunities, conducting competitive analyses, and defining brand values and beliefs.

Brand identity extends beyond just a logo (although we do create beautiful logos!). The development of brand identity includes aspects such as naming, brand architecture, iconography, color and font systems, as well as usage guidelines.

Websites, digital advertising, social media strategy, and creative elements form a core component of our standard client deliverables. These can also include overseeing back-end development, implementing SEO strategy, handling copywriting, and managing e-commerce aspects.

We manage the design and coordination of all print and digital production for a diverse range of brand collateral, sales materials, catalogs, POS environments, unboxing materials, custom packaging design and production, mailers, and specialty presentations.

TULUM studio invites you to experience our bespoke sustainable marketing services for the eco luxury hospitality.