Welcome to REGENERA, a new brand of former LUSH, the International Association of Luxury Sustainable Boutique Hotels & Retreats. We give voice to the international community of responsible luxury hotels and retreats to foster a regenerative approach to luxury and genuine regenerative values.

We work under NGO format, and help entrepreneurs, projects, and communities by sponsoring resources and services.

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Community of Values

REGENERA boasts a vibrant community comprising over 40,000 individuals and 100+ esteemed companies, all united by a shared commitment to boutique hospitality, nature preservation, cultural heritage, and responsible tourism.

Membership Benefits

As a member of REGENERA, you’ll gain access to exclusive perks, including our specialized booking platform and eco luxury marketing studio, expert audits and certifications, bespoke consulting services, and engaging social initiatives, internships, and online courses.

Sponsored Eco Luxury Hotel Marketing Agency

TULUM STUDIO, our official eco luxury marketing agency, is dedicated to accelerate boutique hotel and retreat brands, boosting growth and international visibility. Enjoy specialized services, from brand creation to premium website design, marketing consulting, social media, mistery guest and more.

Recent Collaborations

REGENERA has forged strategic partnerships with influential figures and renowned entities, including Mr. Ivan Eskildsen, Minister of Tourism of Panama (2019-2023), Luis Chévez, Vice Minister of Tourism of Honduras, and boutique hotels as Villas Flamingos in Holbox island, Aldea Coba, or La Esperanza Granada, among others.

Awards and Recognition

REGENERA Awards celebrate excellence in sustainable and regenerative practices within the luxury boutique hotel and retreats segment. We are proud also to take part at the pannel of judges of Equality in Tourism 2024 Awards.

Pioneering Regenerative Hospitality

As we venture into the future, REGENERA remains steadfast in our commitment to innovation, environmental consciousness, and guest-centric experiences, spearheading transformative changes in the luxury sustainable hospitality sector.

Driving Regeneration in Luxury Boutique Hotels & Retreats Globally

Our mission is to lead the transformation of the luxury boutique hotel segment towards sustainability, by supporting entrepreneurs at different levels. We are dedicated to advocating for and implementing sustainable practices so that accelerating brands within the boutique hotel and retreat sector.
By promoting eco-consciousness and responsible tourism, we aim to create a greener hospitality landscape that respects both nature and culture.

Our Team

Hector De Castro
Chairman of REGENERA NGO, regeneration investor & CEO of De Castro Group

Chairman of REGENERA & CEO of De Castro Group, solo investor and sponsor in luxury boutique hotels and retreats regeneration, father, expatriate and impact businessman on a mission to redefine luxury as a force for good. 23+ years managing experience in SMEs and Fortune 500 in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean, where developed preopenings and audits for hotel brands such as MELIA, LOPESAN, ROYALTON, SHANGRILA, FOUR SEASONS, or BANYAN TREE, so that to numerous eco-luxury boutique hotels.

Anabelle Bueno
Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness Manager

Wellness and medicine specialist. Master in Aesthetic Medicine, BA Hons in Medicine and also Bachelor in Nursery. More than 20 years experience working in Clinics and Health Centers of Spain, as medicine expert and as conference speaker. Mother, expatriate, passionate traveller and entrepreneur. She loves the Caribbean and SE Asia. Anabelle is always happy to help with an holistic approach to health and inner balance.

Marina Malmberg
Partner, Social Sustainability of Globalisation & Impact Partnerships

Marina is a mom, expat and expatriate well-being, stress management and human rights influencer. Marina is a Partner to REGENERA with her bespoke her www.RegenerativeExpatriation.Watch and www.SustainableExpatriation.com innovations in corporate expatriate human rights management, due diligence and well-being. At REGENERA Marina leads Partnerships, People & Culture developments, including the first dependent expatriates’ employment program.

Lourdes Abad
Social Media Specialist

International Tourism Bachelor, last year student, from Cancun University. Proud mother and social media lover. Passionate about wellness and organic cosmetics.

Tamim Iqbal
IT Specialist

Accomplished System Analyst with extensive expertise in PHP and WordPress Web Development. Tamim is also proficient in data analysis, deployment and management of AWS and Oracle VPS servers, Ubuntu and VPS hosting, ensuring robust and reliable infrastructure for the association’s digital needs. At REGENERA and De Castro Group, Tamim leverages his technical and analytical skills to support sustainable and eco-luxury initiatives.

Orlando Araque Pérez
Architect and Tourist Patrimony Expert

Description coming soon!

Accountant & legal advisor

Bachelor in Economy and expert at legal procedures in Mexico. More than 15 years experience in the field. He lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Redefining Regenerative Luxury Boutique Hospitality

Our vision is to become the reference institutions dedicated to boost sustainable practices and accelerating boutique hotels and retreats brands. We aspire to set new standards of excellence and innovation, demonstrating that luxury and sustainability can coexist harmoniously.
We envision a future where every guest experience is synonymous with environmental stewardship and social responsibility, enriching local communities while preserving our planet’s natural beauty.

De Castro GROUP & REGENERA Core Values

REGENERA NGO is sponsored solely by De Castro Group, and it’s CEO, Mr Hector De Castro who is reinvesting profits of De Castro Group into regenerative impact on the luxury boutique hotels and retreats worldwide.
REGENERA NGO Team’s vision is to become the foremost authority in hotel regeneration beyond minimal sustainable luxury standards in hospitality worldwide. We aspire to set new standards of excellence and innovation, demonstrating that luxury and sustainability can coexist harmoniously. We envision a future where every guest experience is synonymous with environmental stewardship and social responsibility, enriching lives while preserving our planet’s natural beauty and improving spiritual state of humanlkind, transitioning into regenerative era of wellbeing.

Nature Preservation

We prioritize the regeneration, protection and conservation of our planet’s natural resources. Through sustainable practices, we aim to minimize our ecological footprint and contribute positively to environmental stewardship.

Cultural Heritage

We deeply respect and celebrate cultural diversity. REGENRA promotes responsible tourism that honors local traditions, fosters community engagement, and supports the preservation of cultural heritage.

Responsible Tourism

We advocate for responsible travel experiences that benefit both visitors and local communities. Our initiatives focus on creating positive impacts through ethical tourism practices, including job creation, sourcing local products, and supporting community development.

Innovation and Excellence

We strive for continuous innovation and excellence in sustainable luxury hospitality. By setting high standards and embracing innovative solutions, we aim to lead the industry towards a more sustainable and rewarding future.

Well-being and Connection

We believe in promoting holistic well-being and meaningful connections. REGENERA experiences are designed to nurture mind, body, and spirit, fostering genuine connections between guests, communities, and nature.

Workforce Inclusion of Dependent Expatriate Talent

REGENERA is committed to promoting equality and diversity in the hospitality sector. We celebrate inclusivity and champion initiatives that support equality, diversity, and social justice within our industry. Our expatriate leadership facilitates career re-integration for expatiate spouses left behind by societies and businesses.