HOSHINOVA Bali, one of the best hotels in Indonesia by LUSH, Luxury Sustainable Hotels Assn.

HOSHINOVA has been named a one of the best hotels in Indonesia by the Luxury Sustainable Hotels International Association, jun 2022. It is localted in Bali, home to numerous ancient palaces and water temples.

The design of this eco luxury hotels is rooted in Balinese Hinduism.

The LUSH association current President, Hector De Castro, was happy to make public this nomination on 3rd Jun 2022. “This hotel has proved a great integrated concept, holistic design and care, not only about nature but also about people and communities”, he stated. LUSH was proud to recognize and congratulate all the teams involved, from the F&B to reception, FF&E, room service and others for providing a great guest experience and boosting a more sustainable luxury hospitality, 100% alligned with LUSH values.

LUSH senior researches have toured around Indonesia and, this is one of the best recommendations ever to enjoy your stay in the region: HOSHINOYA Bali hotel.

It is a fact that, since you arrive you can feel the river all around you. Its the premises oofer an special design to make the most of every dropo f water, while its waters turn into mists and rainclouds that constantly replenish the lush sheen of the resort’s trees and plants

All guest villas have private access to outstanding pools. The spa offers unforgatable experiences meant to be for queens and kings. If guests do want to explore, a shuttle runs to and from central Ubud.

The treatment of the staff is exquisite. Ans so are the breakfast and meals served at the restaurants. Once at the resort you can enjoy three types of villa: Bulan, Sokha and Jalak, depending on the size. All of them with amazing design and extremely comfortable.

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